What I Want I Knew Before Backpacking Europe Alone

No matter the place you live on the earth, there’s solely a lot you’ll have the ability to experience in one place. We tend to turn out to be surrounded by people who share our life-style and opinions and this will typically close us off from new ideas and experiences. We can’t know whether we are going to like something if we by no means strive it and we can’t know if our opinions and concepts are correct if we never seek to check them.

Fiercely Opinionated Solo Travellers

It solely means you could journey and reside life with out DEPENDING on others. There were so many issues I wouldn’t be capable of do if I had to accommodate other people, similar to randomly borrowing a automobile and driving from Brisbane to Airlie Beach with two hostel roomies. If I’d been travelling with a girlfriend or good friend I’m certain I’d by no means have been in a position to do half the things I’ve carried out over the last year becuase of clashes of budget, jobs or pursuits. Self Indulgence – The Perfect Reason To Travel Solo! One of the nice things about travelling alone is that reality you don’t have to answer to anybody.

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