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​Sempu Island

Located in Tambak Rejo Village, Sumbermanjung District, Wetan, Malang, Sempu Island is a nature reserve managed by the East Java Natural Resources Conservation Center and the Ministry of Forestry. To reach Sempu Island, you must go to Sendang Biru Beach first by vehicle. Then, the trip will be continued by renting a boat for IDR 100,000, which can usually accommodate ten people.
The island’s main attraction, which is located 80 km from Malang, is the Segara Anakan Lagoon. This 4-hectare lagoon is a charming place. The beach’s white sand meets the calm blue water and is separated from the open ocean because it is surrounded by coral rocks, making the Segara Anak Lagoon look so enchanting.

Mount Bromo

Located in Bromo National Park, Tengger Semeru, this place is known for its vast sea sand and has a dazzling beauty when the sun rises and sets.

Semeru Mountain

The mountain, known as Mahameru, has a very exotic view. The height of Mount Semeru is 3,676 meters above sea level. According to legend, the crater at the top of Mount Semeru is known as Jonggring Saloko. You can see the beauty of the lake near Ranu Kumbolo, which is usually used as a camping site.

Culinary Tourism and Places to Eat Malang

Like other tourist cities in Indonesia, you shouldn’t miss the following delicious food typical of Malang City:

Tofu Petis

This large tofu plus petis and cayenne pepper is one of the menus you must taste at Sari Rasa Restaurant. Located on Jl Dr Wahidin No. 61, you can enjoy the delicacy of tofu petis for IDR 5,000 per fruit.

Tenes Fried Chicken

Unlike other fried chicken, at Tenes Fried Chicken Restaurant, you can taste the delicacy of kampong chicken which is not rigid and has a savoury taste. The pleasure is even more complete with chilli sauce.
It is located on Jl. Tenes No 12, Malang, this restaurant is open from 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-22.00.

Oen shop

Located near Malang square, you can enjoy homemade ice cream with classic and delicious flavours. This place is, at first glance, similar to Ragusa, an ice cream place in Jakarta. In addition to ice cream, you are also obliged to taste the legendary tongue steak menu.

Malang Shopping and Mall Tour

This Flower City not only has many tourist destinations but is also filled with shopping centres, including,

Big Market

This market, located on Jl Pasar Besar, Malang city, is one of Malang’s largest and most comprehensive traditional markets.

Olympic Garden Mall

This mall, MOG, is the largest shopping centre in Malang. Located on Jl Kawi No 24, Malang, this Mall has shops of various famous fashions.

Malang Nightlife

Malang Square

At night, Alun-Alun Malam is filled with street food and souvenirs for souvenirs.

Malang Transportation


Taxi transportation can be the right choice if you want comfort when travelling around Malang City. Malang City has 4 taxi companies operating, among others, Citra Ken Dedes, Argo, Mandala and Bima.

public transportation

Like in other big cities, you can also enjoy the beauty of Malang by using a microbus with 25 routes. These public transportation operate until 21.00.

Malang Travel Tips

If you want to visit Sempu Island, you must have an entry permit for the conservation area and make an appointment in advance. The reason is that Sempu Island is a nature reserve.
Located in the highlands, you need to prepare enough warm clothes.
In Malang, you can do apple picking tours at many apple plantations in Batu City.

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