Citizens can use multiple modes of transport so as to get to their vacation spot, so a common route may be cut up across more than one public transit line, both of the same or differing types. Not all residents will use public transportation, however extra residents will tend to use it the more efficient it’s. Balloons take off from the tour website and fly over the town, eventually returning to the beginning location to land. Cargo harbors price ₡60,000 to construct and ₡1,920 per week to maintain.


Pathways are markers, functionally like roads for water, kind of watercourses. The Depot also wants Pathway connections to traces, so ferries can find their way from the depot to the traces. Canals routinely have Pathways which are built with the canals. Ferries can’t carry citizen’s automobiles, though a pedestrian leaving a ferry may spawn a “pocket automotive”. Ferries are small ships, and require the participant to make strains for them much like bus routes, which is something you cannot do for cruise ships.

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