Experiencing elements and smells and tastes that my journey experiences couldn’t even deliver me. Travel to a number of the world’s most magnificent cities and thru the magical countryside of Britain and Ireland. This comprehensive journey takes you thru rolling farmland and throughout the Irish Sea, via England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Experience Ireland’s culinary renaissance during a cooking class at one of Dublin’s premier culinary institutes.

A Day In The Lifetime Of An Expat In Oaxaca, Mexico

We will add this to the list for a future Travel History article. I look forward to reading up more on Battuta as I know very little about him, however his travels are quite impressive. I hope you do get the chance to post on Ibn Battuta and other early world travelers! I’d love to hear more of those stories and from different cultural and historic perspectives. The travels of Chinese buddhist monks Faxian and Xuanzang amongst others date again as far as the 4th century. Also the the Chinese nestorian Christian Rabban Sauma reached the courts of European kings in the 1280s journeys as epic as Polos.

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