David A. Price notes in Love and Hate in Jamestown that that is purely hypothesis, since little is understood of Powhatan rituals and there’s no proof for any similar rituals among other Native American tribes. Smith advised an analogous story in True Travels of getting been rescued by the intervention of a young lady after being captured in 1602 by Turks in Hungary. Karen Kupperman suggests that he “offered those remembered events from many years earlier” when telling the story of Pocahontas. Whatever actually occurred, the encounter initiated a friendly relationship between the Native Americans and colonists near Jamestown. As the colonists expanded farther, some of the tribes felt that their lands were threatened, and conflicts arose again.

Museums, Tradition, And Mexican Food!

Smith collected a ship’s cargo price of “Furres… traine Oile and Cor-fish” and returned to England. The expedition’s second vessel under the command of Thomas Hunt stayed behind and captured a variety of Indians as slaves, together with Squanto of the Patuxet. According to Smith, Hunt had taken his maps and notes of the world to defeat’s Smith’s settlement plans. He couldn’t imagine that Hunt was pushed by greed since there was “little personal gaine” to be gotten; Hunt “bought these foolish Salvages for Rials of eight.”

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