Destinantions in The World Who Like Bike

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Destinations in The World Who Like Bike. For travelers who like bicycle riding, there are 6 exciting destinations in the world that are recommended.
The road is wide and comfortable for 2 notes &. Where are you?

Riding a bicycle becomes a fun way to vacation.
Vacation while cycling can be a way to relax, as well as a challenge. Just choose which one.

there are six beautiful cities that are worth exploring from on a bicycle saddle. Here are the recommendations:

Destinations in The World Who Like Bike

1. Beijing, China

For travelers who want to get around the city with affordable and comfortable prices,
peddle the bicycles you rent from a number of bike-sharing operators that are found almost everywhere in Beijing, China.

It’s also easy, just scan the code on a bicycle with the application that you downloaded on your smartphone to open it
and then lock the bicycle again when you arrive at your destination.

Is the first time visiting Beijing? Follow the 16 km bike route that crosses some famous tourist destinations such as Forbidden City.
The Egg and Bird’s Nest Stadium. Cool!

2. Paris, France

Want to enjoy Paris in a different way? Try cycling.
And look at ‘The City of Love’ from a different perspective when pedaling a bicycle along the Parc Rives de Seine.
A UNESCO World Heritage site located on the banks of the River Seine.

The area has been specifically transformed into a fast lane for biking.
As well as a place to relax for pedestrians who want to spend time together.

For a shortstop, there are a number of restaurants or cafes that can be an option along the way.
Traveler can even participate in various activities that are held throughout the day in the area.

3. Hoi An, Vietnam

Traveler including old town buffs, rice fields wherever the eyes can see,
and a cool farm to capture? You can take a bicycle tour via Agoda to really enjoy Hoi An for four hours.

Learn about Hoi An’s past and present, immerse yourself in local culture and don’t miss the opportunity to interact with the local community,
and directly learn to assemble their art.

If you want to continue exploring Hoi An via two-wheeled paddles, spend the night in Old Town,
Allegro Hoi An, where travelers can use their bikes for free.

4. Florence, Italy

The city of Florence in Italy is also interesting for cycling.
What is unique, in this city there is an electric bicycle tour.

Try to go around Florence on an electric bicycle tour without having to struggle.
Visit the famous Piazzale Michaelangelo terrace and feel the greatness of the Renaissance era at The Duomo,
while stopping for a moment to enjoy wine and Tuskan food.

5. Melbourne, Australia

The culture of biking and doing outdoor activities is very closely in Melbourne.
Live as the locals enjoy their day and get to know this city in Victoria State by bicycle.

For a short trip, the Yarra River route,
an area famous for its unusually extensive wine estates can be a choice.

If you have two extra days, take the two wheels to Warrnambool to enjoy the famous Great Ocean Road.
Don’t forget to look for Twelve Apostles and some other spectacular views in Australia.

6. California, USA

The state, nicknamed The Golden State, has beautiful mountains.
Beaches and deserts for bicycling travelers and adventurous travelers.

Choose an area like Santa Barbara and ride a bicycle to Gibraltar Road, an uphill route that will reward you with a stunning sea view.
Then return to the city, precisely to Handlebar Coffee Roasters, for a bicycle-themed coffee break.

Who Like Bike

For bike enthusiasts, challenges, nature activities and traveling, the following routes as places
in the world that is very worthy to be enjoyed while cycling. Destinations in The World Who Like Bike

With a different natural character, the types of bikes used are also different, ranging from coastal tracks, hills, highways, forests,
and even icebergs.

  • Great Ocean Road is one of the best bicycle lanes on the coast.
  • Palaces and temples make Udaipur City truly magnificent.

Cycling is not only in terms of style or showing off. The choice of bike lanes is to illustrate that wherever we are,
anywhere in the world, we can still enjoy the hobby of cycling.
The difference in the character of the track is also adjusted for our taste, road bike or MTB.

For those who often travel and want to bring their own bikes, Destinations in The World Who Like Bike
there is already a folding bicycle technology that is sturdy enough to be used on off-road tracks.
So, in the city or in the countryside you can still enjoy the natural beauty with a bicycle, without dizzy carrying various types.

Another multifunctional option that has recently been popularized is a hybrid bicycle. An illustration of a hybrid bicycle is a bicycle with an MTB frame but uses tires for the highway.

For those of you fans of road bikes (road bikes), you can also include your bike to go along to accompany. The weight of the lightweight road bike does not become a burden, but indeed the sensitivity of the wheelset (carbon material) needs attention. Currently, many bicycle bags are sold for frames and bicycle wheels for your safety and comfort.

Destinations Who Like Bike

Glaciers approach the road on Jalan Karakoram.
Enjoy nature by cycling on the Route des Agung Crus tour.

Enjoying the beauty of the city while saving money can be the right choice for you who have enough time when visiting a city.
For example, to official places, vacation spots and so on.
This is recommended for those of you who have been to the city before or are adventurous. Destinations in The World Who Like Bike.

Don’t forget to master local languages ​​and maps (GPS is better).
In addition, you must first identify the city area, including bicycle traffic/bicycle lanes, bicycle parking, and so on.
Don’t forget to lock your bicycle when parked.

Finally, something healthy can be done in Amsterdam.

Those who like the challenge of cycling in nature don’t forget to bring a bicycle.
More practical and versatile namely lighter AM (All Mountain) or XC (Cross Country) bicycles.
Grade or descent is not a problem.

But if you want to try out the DH (Downhill) track, it’s not wrong. But it should be done if the goal is to play downhill.
Don’t forget the preparation of playing downhill is not simple and should be done with a few friends.

Get ready for some rough terrain on Molesworth Road.

Downhill or Freeride, which does you choose?

Many cyclists think that downhill and freeride are no different.
Indeed, both are carried out on extreme tracks, hilly roads, and mountains which are generally steep.
Automatic, it requires the skill and agility of the rider to conquer this kind of track. So it’s downhill or freerides?

Meanwhile in the riding sector, both downhill or freeride bikes, both use lightweight mountain bike types with high suspension.
The difference is, downhill activity still prioritizes speed compared to freeride.
So the bicycle used must also be equipped with a capable braking system.

But even so, that does not mean freeride does not need the best bicycle choice.
Could be, even bicycles for freeride should have more complete features than downhill bikes.
Freeride will usually go through more and more complete obstacles.
So, the bicycles that are used should be light and equipped with a good gear system for the ramp.
Is flexible, because the terrain traversed in freeride is more diverse.
Both types of cycling activities require intensive training. Not just any cyclist can do it.

Body protection should also be done thoroughly from toe to head.
And for the sake of a strong and agile steering grip,gloves must be embedded in the palm of your hand.
Basic, Aero, or Phoenix, are the best gloves especially made for extreme terrain explorers like you.
Stylish as well as providing support for you when holding the handgrip, controlling the steering of your mountain bike with light and nimble.
So what are you waiting for? Prove your dexterity on steep paths with Avelio gloves, now it’s either downhill or freeride.