This Mexico backpacking route is appropriate for solo feminine vacationers, I’m not advising you to go anyplace unsafe. Porto is a great solo travel vacation spot in Portugal. Travelling solo in South-East Asia is a good way to experience the area.

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Many of these locations in Yunnan are firmly on the South China backpacking route. This can be a reasonably cheap part of China to go to making it an excellent destination for finances solo travellers. You can find beds in hostel dorms from simply forty RMB in this province. Uzbekistan can be a very secure country to travel in as a solo traveller. Crime may be very uncommon and persons are very pleasant and helpful.

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Friendly Thais will take you under their wing, delighted by your exoticism. You’ll befriend foreigners you may not normally gel with, united simply by shared experiences — those WTF moments of navigating a chaotic hub that swings between electrifying and claustrophobic. However, in the summer months, you’ll also take pleasure in gloriously sunny days with cerulean skies and puffy white clouds reflecting on the lochs.

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