The 2022 touring season has a handful of events for the common public to experience on the island. The work you do on this multiple award-winning volunteer program will contribute to necessary wildlife conservation efforts to guard and preserve threatened and endangered species. Minimizing the negative influence on nature is the overarching objective of green journey, clearly. Hundreds of travel corporations – together with vacationer boards and tour operators – have signed on to the coalition’s guiding principles. Brooke, older by two years, went south, first to Emory University in Atlanta, and then to Malawi, a small nation in sub-Saharan Africa where she served as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Connecting Guests To Nature

Head to LIONSROCK, South Africa’s largest big cat sanctuary, to volunteer with lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards and other magnificent animals. Wake to the roar of the lions every morning, and immerse yourself within the daily life nurturing these animals, from monitoring to feeding, from enrichments to education. Witness the amazing sight of these huge cats forming prides, and living a life as near the wilderness as potential.

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