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The city is surrounded by mountains and has fantastic air. No wonder the city of Malang is one of the destinations for vacation and relaxation. Malang is the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya.

Besides being known as the City of Students, Malang City is also dubbed the City of Flowers because of the ideals that spread in the hearts of residents to brighten up every corner of the city with colourful flowers. With its location in the highlands, you can find various natural beauty enchanting.

Another nickname for Malang is the City of Apples. It is not surprising that this name is used for Malang City. The reason is that the production of apples in Malang is relatively abundant, so you can enjoy various snacks from apples such as apple cider, chips, sweets and so on.

History of Malang

The development of Malang City began with the operation of the railway line in 1878 during the Dutch colonial era. Since then, the community’s needs began to increase, so many agricultural functions were turned into housing.

The name Malang itself still doesn’t know its meaning. Many opinions suspect that the name of the city of Malang comes from the words Deny or hinder. The word “Malang” itself is found in an inscription used since the 12th century AD.

Some evidence of the existence of Malang City was found in the Carving Inscription, which tells of the presence of the only State opposite Mount Kawi, Malang. Then, during the Demak invasion of East Java, it was said that there was one area that could not destroy, namely, Malang. In addition, in the days of the Kediri Kingdom, the King of Kendiri gave him land to the east of his hunting ground called Malang.

From this history, the name of the city, “Malang”, is not taken from the Indonesian language, which means “bad luck”, but from a temple called Candi Malangkucecwara.

Typical and Malang Culture

In addition to having charming tourist attractions, Malang City is known as a religious community, dynamic, like to work hard, straightforward and upholds togetherness. You can enjoy various East Javanese cultures such as Ludruk, Ketoprak, Wayang Orang, Wayang Kulit, Reog, Kuda Lumping, Sendra Tari, and other arts at Taman Krida Budaya East Java.

Malang History and Culture Tour

In addition to having exotic natural beauty, you can also find various interesting tourist attractions within the city of Malang itself, such as:

Malang City Square

In addition to functioning as a city park, Malang City Square is widely used by many people for tours, both Malang residents and tourists from outside the city. Having a comfortable place, this place is always crowded.

Singosari Temple

This temple, a relic of the Singosari kingdom, is a Hindu and Buddhist temple located in Candirenggo Village, Singosari sub-district. This temple was discovered in the early 18th century, around 1800-1850.

Malang City Hall

You can find this Dutch architectural building on the circle of Jalan Tugu Malang. You can find this building easily because it is located in the heart of Malang City and has become one of the icons of Apple City.

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