So, you are ready to hit ‘book now’ on that Reno NV hotel reservation and start planning your 1st trip to Reno and Lake Tahoe. Start planning your trip to Northern Nevada with the help of some visitor planner. If you are planning your trip during the summer months and would like to create an itinerary with a bit of everything, from rafting to hiking to downtown dining, this guide puts together some truly inspired travel tips for making the most out of your time in this amazing place.

Once you reach, you’ll recognize what makes the city home to the moniker, “The Biggest Little City”. From Reno to Sparks, you will hit upon all the amenities of a big city, but with the vibe and simple commute of a small town. A lot of hotels offer shuttle service to and from the airport, and you can even hop in a taxi, Lyft, or Uber right outside the airport.

Would you like the freedom to travel around on your own once you are checked in? We do not blame you. You will stumble on a wide selection of rental car companies so you can cruise with the top down or put it in 4-wheel drive and hit some back roads.

Can you fly to Reno?

Yes! The Reno-Tahoe International Airport is situated only ten minutes from downtown Reno. The airport even conveniently offers quite a few non-stop destinations to major cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and a lot more, so you can plan your trip from just about anywhere.

How much does the trip costs?

If you’re planning your next Reno trip on a budget, there are abundant ways to save money during your visit. The average nightly room can differ, but you can find an economical hotel in Reno to fit the budget of any traveler.

How far is Reno from Las Vegas by flight?

If you aren’t interested in long drives, simply take a direct flight. Instead of a 7-hour road trip, flights from Las Vegas to Reno take only over an hour. There are various flights offered on a daily basis so it is easy to plan a quick getaway or extended trip.

How far is Reno from Las Vegas by road?

Las Vegas is situated roughly 440 miles from Reno and takes approximately 7 hours to reach by car. Fortunately, there are a few attractions to see along the way.

How far is Reno from San Francisco?

The ones driving from San Francisco to Reno will reach the Biggest Little City in a little under 4 hours. By plane, Reno is just an hour away from the City by the Bay. The Reno-Tahoe International Airport offers non-stop flights from Bay Area airports, including Oakland and San Francisco, to Reno so you can miss the traffic and begin the vacation even sooner.

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